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Ramma 1/2 Fanfiction

If you need me to tell you What Ramma 1/2 is, why are you here?

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Interview with a Senshi.

Co-written with Nicholas Leifker.

The Great Wizard Saotome

Ramma Alternate Universe… What if a Dimension traveling mage was at the Amazon village and decided that Ramma would make a Great Mage… Read and find out! Co-written with Kevin D. Hammel.

Rana and the Gems

Opening Scene: Not Yet Avb.


Twenty years after losing both Akane and Ranma... the new heir to the Schools stops by a shrine in the middle of Japan... and runs into a ghost from the past, or did she? And what's with her son's dreams?

Streams of Time

A Ranma/Sailor Moon Fusion

Good Day

The muli-author project that I am part of. Current known authors are Bryan Neef (project lead), Kevin Hammel, and myself.

Balance of Force

An idea I am working on.  Pity the Temple, for a Jedi has found a force active person in Nerima.

(AU in Ranma verse from the Magic Mushroom, AU in Star wars from Ep I ending on)

One Shots

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