A Good Day 2

No Need for a return to The Status Quo


Bryan Neef


Andrew Norris


Nodoka sat at the table, talking with her son, Ranma. They had been talking

for hours a day since his return from his grandfather's temple, where he spent a year learning about himself During that time, he had come to terms with his curse, and his heritage as a Julian, something Nodoka herself still had to come to grips with.

Nodoka, for her part, accepted her child easily. Her loneliness and depression

faded the night the young woman she knew as Tendou Ranko revealed herself to be

Saotome Ranma, her son. Nodoka was thankful her father had helped her only

child in his time of need.

Their conversation was interrupted when the front door opened. Nabiki's voice

carried throughout the house, "I'm home!"

Ranma looked at his mother. She smiled, pouring the water over his head.

"We'll have to do something about this, Ranma."

"I know, Mom. I'll see what Washuu-chan can come up with," replied Onna-Ranma.

Nabiki stepped into the room. She stopped cold when she saw the red-haired

woman next to Nodoka. "What are you doing here, 'Ranko?' Haven't you caused

enough problems?"

"Problems for whom? My problems, for the most part, are solved."

"So you've come back to freeload? I have news for you, we can't afford your

bottomless pit. So unless you can pay..."

"You'll through Ranma out?" continued Nodoka.

Nabiki stared at the smiling women. Ranma stood up, walking over to Nabiki.

"I told Mom everything last week."

"And I have my son and daughter back."

Nabiki sat down, staring at her sister's fiancee. A calculating smile crossed

her face. "Well, I guess I can negotiate some things from you. Does Akane

know you're still a girl?"

"I have to go to school in a few minutes. You happened to walk in at the right



Ranma smiled her half-smile. "I'm registered as a woman. I made Akane, and

myself, a promise before I left. I'm no longer bound by that promise, but I

had to register for school as a female. Oh, and don't tell the Kunou's I've

returned. My, um, great-aunts wouldn't take too kindly to that."

"What can they do, beat me with their canes?" Nabiki said with a smirk on her


"No," came a calm voice from behind Nabiki, "but we can deal with you in other


Nabiki turned to see Ayeka glaring at her. "You must be Akane's sister,

Nabiki," began Ayeka.

Nabiki nodded. "I am Masaki Ayeka, Ranma's great-aunt. I would appreciate it

if you respected her wishes. I may not be a martial artist, but I am far from


"Great-aunt? That's impossible!"

"What about my niece being married to a panda, or my grandniece actually being

my grandnephew?" Akeya said with a smirk of her own.

Nabiki sighed. "I see your point."

Akane stepped into the room. She wore her school uniform, with the addition of

an elegant necklace. She smiled at Ayeka and Nodoka. She embraced her sister,

"Nabiki! I didn't hear you come in."

"I was pretty quiet. I saw Ranma-chan already. Nice necklace. Where'd you

get it?" Nabiki was quietly esteeming the value of it.

"Ranma gave it to me. He got it from his great-grandmother. You like?" Akane

held up the necklace for closer inspection, unaware of the math going on behind

Nabiki's brown eyes.

"It's very nice." *Where did Ranma get that? It's easily worth seven figures.

No way did he earn that money, and if Akane said that his great grandmother

gave it to him for Akane, that means they are well-off.* Nabiki thought to herself.

"Yes, Akane-san. It looks very good on you." Akeya said, with a smile on her


"Thank you, your Highness." With that statement, Akane did a little bow, with a

smile of glee on her face.

"Oh! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! We're practically related. Besides, you should not refer

to me in that manner." Akeya had her hand covering her face.

"Highness?" Asked Nabiki, with a stunned look on her face.

"That's right, Nabiki," answered Ranma as Nodoka helped adjust her uniform.

"Ayeka and Sasami are Princesses of Jurai. Tenchan, my cousin, is the Crown

Prince, like my grandfather was. I'm also a prince, or princess, but I don't

have the same claim to the throne. Thank Kami for that." Ranma said with a

smile on her face.

Nabiki's jaws dropped. She had never figured Ranma would be royalty, unless he

was forced to marry a prince or princess. "How long have you known, Ranma?"

"Almost a year. You will not tell anyone of this. Jurai is not well known,

and we're not ready to reveal ourselves." Ranma suddenly had a stern look on her face.

"How much is it worth to you?" Nabiki, as usual had aquried a scheming look to

her face.

"Nabiki," began Akane, "Ranma just got back. We don't need you screwing up our

lives anymore. When we're married, we'll decide how to tell everyone. Until

then, NO ONE is to know I have my own prince. Or else." Akane's look would not

have been out of place on Auzua's face, Akeya and Ranma both noted.

"So you finally accepted him, eh? What about his current body? Or is it

permanent?" Nabiki had a small disbelieving smile on her face, seeming to

suggest that she didn't believe a thing anyone was saying. What happened next did the one thing that no one who knew her would believe. stun her into shock.

"From the day he left to regain control over his life, I accepted him for what

he is, and that means this body too." Akane leaned over and kissed Ranma on

the lips, stunning Nabiki past words. "I accept him as I would accept you or

Kasumi. With no reservations." Akane had a small grin on her face as she finished her statement.

"You'd best get to school, I'll finish telling her," interrupted Nodoka.

"Thanks, Mom." With that, Ranma scooped Akane's hand into her own and led the

group out to school.


"Washuu-chan, do you mind If I talk to you for a while? Alone?" Nodoka asked

the young looking genius.

"Not at all Nodoka. Shall we find a private place?" Washuu gestured to her

lab's door.

Both were silent and poker faced as they walked though the door, both wondering

what this conversation would entail. Nodoka had questions for the woman that

replaced her in her role to Ranma, not by her child's choice, she hoped, but

because of Genma forcing her child to hide from her, under the disguise of

Ranko, who she thought was a poor orphan girl, who needed motherly love and

caring. She was right, but what "Ranko" needed was not what Nodoka thought.

Washuu wondered what Nodoka would say, because she feared that Nodoka was upset

with her for taking a role that was rightfully hers, not that Washuu wanted to,

but due to the situation, she had no choice but to step into that role. She

knew Nodoka wanted to be a mother to Ranma, but Genma had taken that away from

her. While she didn't think Nodoka or her were to blame for this, she feared

that Nodoka would blame her for what happened.

"Washuu, I will be blunt. How can one be a good parent? I feel that I need

advice, mainly because that I have no clue on how to do it. The only experience

I had since 11 years ago, when Genma took Ranma away, was when I visited

'Ranko' and I feel that I made too many mistakes. Instead of helping 'her' I

only added to my child's pains and problems. I drove her away instead of being

a person that she could come to. Since you seem to have helped her, I ask that

you help me." Nodoka stopped and looked at Washuu.

"Nodoka, I haven't been a mother for 7000 years, and then I made as many, no

MORE mistakes than you did. The only ideas that I can give you or advice that

I have, is care and try to do your best. Always give love, and acceptance

unconditionally. This lesson took me 7000 years to learn." Washuu paused, and

looked all her years for a second, and then added, "At least, your child was

not hurt badly by her life, but I fear the the damage that I was responsible to

Ryoko will take far more time to fully heal, than I can see." With that she

turned her head and looked at her computer, hiding her face from Nodoka, so she

would not see the tears that spilled down her cheeks.

"Thank you, Washuu-chan, for the advice. I would like to talk to you more, and

hopefully become friends with you. I do not want to be out of my child's life

anymore, and you are a part of that now." Nodoka had a look that would be

undefinable to most people but Washuu, if she had turned around would have had

the same look on her face.

Nodoka walked out and went into the kitchen where Sasami and Kasumi were

talking, and saw Nabiki lurking in the background.

"What do you wish to speak about, Nabiki? I see you are wanting to ask

questions." Nodoka asked the young woman.

"How do we know that Ranma's grown up enough to handle being Akane's

husband now? While he might act like he's learned something, I don't want

Akane hurt again." Nabiki stated.

"Oneechan would NOT hurt Akane-oneechan's feelings, Nabiki-oneesan. She

loves her too much." Sasami said with a fierceness that was unusual for her.

"Are you sure of that?" Nabiki asked the girl, plainly doubting what she


"YES!" With that Sasami turned off and went off to help Kasumi make


Nabiki looked at Nodoka who looked at her with a half smile on her face.

"Sigh, I think she's right, but, I don't want Akane hurt anymore, obasan."

Nabiki stated.

"Wait and see, wait and see, Nabiki-chan. I believe Ranma-chan has grown

up and learned about life." Nodoka said with a strange sad smile on her face.



Ukyo walked grimly down the street. She had returned to carrying her weapons.

She tried to make sense of what Ranma had said the week before. Did she really

hate Ranma? He had ruined her life again.

She sighed before bumping into someone. She looked at the man, irritated that

he had interrupted her thoughts. A wry smile crept across her face.

"Who dares accost the great and noble Kuno Tatewaki?"

"I'm sorry, Kunou. I was thinking of something that may interest you."

"And what would you know about my interests?"

"Do you still want your 'Pig-tailed Goddess?'"

"Of course! I shall not rest until she is free from that foul daemon, Saotome.

You have news of her whereabouts?"

"Come to school at lunch. She's back in classes. But...no, nevermind."

"What? What more is there?"

Ukyo smiled. "There is someone else she hangs out with. He also has two other

women under his spell."

"That cad! Saotome, you shall feel my righteous wrath! Though she is beyond

my reach, is Tendo Akane affected?"

"She also hangs out with this guy. He's not Saotome. I don't know what his

name is, though."

"It matters not. Thank you, Kuonji Ukyo. I shall smite this demon, be he

Saotome or not. My goddess shall once again be free."

Ukyo watched Kunou run down the street. She smiled, despite the gnawing in her

stomach. "You'll wish you never returned to her, Ranma."


Cologne looked up from her breakfast as the tall woman entered the kitchen.

She frowned as her great-granddaughter sat before her. "Welcome back, Xian Pu,"

she greeted in Chinese.

"Hello, Great-grandmother. I have returned because Ranma's trail went cold."

"How long has it been cold?"

"About two months. I followed his trail to the Masaki Temple. I recognized

the name, but I can't remember why."

"That particular family is dangerous. Their men have defied us too long."

"How so?"

Cologne sighed. "The patriarch's name is Masaki Katsushita, At least, that's

what he goes by now. His true name is Yosho. He was to be my groom over one

hundred fifty years ago. He has defied the laws for much longer."

"Then he is family!" Exclaimed Shampoo.

"He is an enemy. He has destroyed more warriors than any army. He is simply

too powerful to allow beyond our control, yet he has refused our way, as does


"What does he have to do with Ranma?"

"Ranma is the grandchild of Yosho. Ranma, apparently, is becoming aware of his

heritage. If he has the potential his grandfather has, then we must kill him,

as well as others of his bloodline."

"Why? Isn't that why you wanted Ranma to join the tribe? His strength, as

well as his handsome features, would help the tribe."

"Every warrior of age must swear to destroy the line of Masaki Yousho. You are

nearly of age. I am fond of Ranma, but it is my duty to kill him and his


Shampooo paled. "How do you know Ranma is related to this Yosho?"

"Ranma returned home last week. With him came Yosho and several other,

powerful people. Yosho's presence has complicated matters greatly. I can no longer fight against him."

"He is just a man, Great-grandmother. You can easily beat him."

Cologne smiled. "If only it were so. I could barely match Ranma's power when

he was here last year. Now, after a year with Yosho, I would surely lose. If

I angered, and fought Ranma now, I would not survive against just him. If his

allies became involved, Ancestors protect me, there would be nothing left of me

to return home."

Shampoo gasped at that statement. Cologne shook her head. "Last year, Ranma

came close to hitting you with his full strength, correct?" Shampoo nodded,

prompting Cologne to continue, "He was upset over his life. He is no longer

upset. In fact, he has accepted his curse.

"He has also accepted Tendou Akane as his future bride. I fear, Child, that if

you continue your pursuit of him, by eliminating Akane, he will destroy the


"We have been offered a choice: accept Ranma's choice and live in peace, or

incur his wrath and condemn the Amazon Nation to death. As my heir, I will let

you decide the fate of our people."

Shampoo stared at her great-grandmother, letting this new revelation sink in.

She failed to notice Cologne leave the room.


Ranma sat with Akane under the large cherry tree at the edge of the sports

field. They ate their lunch quietly. They talked of their adventures over the

last year.

A shadow fell over them, causing them to stop talking about Jurai. "Osage no

Onna! You have returned to me! Come, let us engage in meaningful


"Oh my, you're back," commented Ranma flatly.

"Yes. I have returned for the extended collegic weekend."

"In other words, I have to beat the crap out of you until you leave."

"If that is how you wish to escape that foul sorcerer, Saotome."

Ranma stood up, straitening her skirt. "Kunou, I will say this only once: I

despise you. You are an arrogant ass who has no respect for women. I have

beaten you repeatedly, trying to get you to stop your unwanted advances.

"If you continue to pursue me, I will hurt you in such a way that no woman will

ever have to fear you. Do you understand?"

"Who would make a beautiful woman, such as you, reject my undying love?"


"Show me this so-called man."

Ranma sighed. "I really shouldn't do this."

"Do what?" asked Akane, annoyed with Kunou.

"Use Washu-chan's computer."

Akane sniggered. Kunou glared at her. Ranma smiled her half smile. "You want

to see who causes me to hate you? Very well, I shall show you this misguided

fool. Behold, the foul deceiver, Kunou Tatewaki!"

Ranma touched a key on the ethereal computer. An energy mirror appeared before

the kendoist. He stared at his image for several seconds. "H-how is this

possible?" stammered Kunou.

"A man who tries to defeat a woman in combat, for love, is a fool. A man who

chases after two women at the same time, deceives himself. A man who denies

the reality of being rejected is an even greater fool.

"I give you this simple choice: leave me alone and remain a man, or continue

what I consider attacks, and end the Kunou line."

"If I leave you, who will fill my life with joy? If I continue pursuing you, I

will die." Kunou tapped his head for a moment. "If I am to die, let it be at

the hands of the one I love!"

Ranma easily sidestepped the advance. With considerable skill, she sent him

into the tree. She picked up the bokken before leaning into Kunou's face.

"Ever here of castration?"

Kunou's eyes widened in horror. He struggled to stand. He watched Ranma twirl

his favorite weapon like a batton. He stared at the weapon as it flew between

his legs. Feeling the pressure on his manhood, he looked down.

"You have been given one more chance, Kunou Tatewaki. Next time you try to


your 'love' for me, you will become a eunich."

Ranma and Akane turned to leave the kendoist to the few thoughts he could

manage. <She left me my legacy. If I pursue her, I will be less than a man.

I have lost my Osage no Onna, just as I have lost the lovely Tendou Akane. Why

do the gods frown upon me? Am I not the great and noble Kunou Tatewaki, chosen

of the gods?"


Ukyo watched the fight from the wooded section of the campus. She knew Ranma

would win. She, however, expected him to knock out Kunou.

"That was way cool!" exclaimed Ryoko.

Ukyo turned to see the woman hovering to the left and above her. She stared as

Ryoko floated to the ground.

Ryoko chuckled. "You have to learn to leave Ranma alone. She, uh, he has

grown stronger since coming to the temple."


Ryoko smiled. "Believe what you want, but Ranma is not someone you want to

fight. Neither is Tenchi. Those two have an understanding. Ayeka and I found

this out after we hurt her, him, more than we should have."

"Why do you refer to Ranma as a girl?"

"Because that's how we knew him for a year. I only found out last week that

the shy, angry young woman that came to live with us is actually one of the

best, male martial artists in the world.

"Of course, I could teach him a few things on our next training trip," grinned


"Ranma's mine. I lost eleven years of my life to him. I won't let you, or

Akane, have him."

Ryoko chuckled. "If you think you can take me on, go ahead. You should know I

walked away from one of Ms. Hinako's attacks. It tickled."


"Perhaps," shrugged Ryoko. "If you want to stay healthy, and catch yourself a

good man, stay away from Ranma."

"Why should I? By staying away from him, he went to the woman he hates."

Ryoko pointed behind Ukyo. "Does that look like hatred?"

Ukyo turned to see Ranma and Akane share a tender kiss. She involuntarily

whimpered. Ryoko put her hand on Ukyo's shoulder.

"A year ago, Ranma would never have done that. I teased him mercilessly about

'her' and Akane, after I found Akane's picture. That was the most painful day

of my life.

"Not only did Ranma beat me, physically, Tenchi lashed into me emotionally. On

top of that, my own mother said I would cease to exist if I continued my


"I'm sure. And how would she do that?" asked Ukyo skeptically.

Ryoko frowned, turning her attention to Ranma and Akane. "She...she would put

me in this chamber. It's a lot like a cyclotron. She would bombard my body

with so much energy, I would start to fade. Thing is, I would still be aware

of everything around me.

"I never want to go through that again. What's worse, my mom would do it

without a second thought. She can always bring me back, but why push my luck?

Ranma's closer to my mom than I am. Hell, he's closer to her than his own

mother. Of course, they're working on fixing that."

"Do you know why he left?" asked Ukyo, the anger in her voice gone.

"Hai. He felt his life was falling apart. One of several childhood promises

came back to haunt him. While they weren't necessarily made by him, they were

made in his name, on his honor.

"Do you have any idea what honor means to him?"

"It's his life."

"Exactly. To someone like Ranma, which will win first: love or honor?"

Ukyo watched Ranma eat an offering from Akane's bento. She watched as they

laughed at a joke. Her heart sank as Ranma whispered something into her

rival's ear. Akane responded with an obviously playful punch.

"I-I guess love. But why her?"

Ryoko shrugged. "I don't know, exactly. All I know is that when he talked

about his home and family, he was sad. He regretted leaving his mother, uncle,

sisters, and..."

"ENOUGH! Why did he have to come back? Why, when he's not man enough to at

least consider me as his fiancee?"

"Because he needed to come home. He needed to know who he was supposed to be.

Also he had to clean up the mess that his father caused. That is the true mark

of a mature adult, Ukyo, dealing with the problems that are in your life."

Ryoko paused, and looked strangely at the scene, and then added, in a soft

voice, "Growing up isn't fun, but it has to be done."

"My husband. We've been engaged since we were six." Ukyo's face showed that

she had no give in her.

Ryoko sighed, and then in a soft tone of voice, stated, "I'm sorry, Ukyo.

You'd make a great space pirate, putting your all into getting what you want.

Ranma has far too few friends. Less than I do. Don't hate him for his

continuing beyond the life his father gave him. Don't let Genma's mistakes

kill you, or Ranma. Let go before you are destroyed. Learn this lesson from

me, I didn't learn it until I got locked up in a cave for 700 years."

"It was Ranma's fault! He said we would be together forever. He promised!"

"He has promised a lot of things, Ukyo. If he can, he fulfills them. He's

just now learning that some promises are not meant to be kept. Also, how do

you know that he meant as husband and wife, or what he really thinks of you:

His best friend?" She stopped and was about to leave, when a thought crossed

her face, and she added to the last statement,

"Before I go, don't hurt Ranma or Akane in any way. They're family to me. I-I

have been known to destroy entire families when provoked."

"Oh yeah?"

Ryoko held out her right hand. She created her energy sword. "You may think

this is chi, but it's not. The principle is the same." She easily sliced

through the tree's thick branches. "I know of Ranma's powers. He knows my

favorites. If you talk to him, he may tell you about me and Ayeka. I would,

but I've promised Tenchi I wouldn't."

Ryoko faded from sight. Ukyo stared at the space the former pirate occupied.

She shook herself out of her chaotic thoughts, turning her attention to Ranma

and Akane. "Why?"


Ranma, Akane, Tenchi, Ryoko, and Ayeka walked down the street, laughing at

Kunou. Ryoko kept quiet about her confrontation with Ukyo.

Without warning, Ranma stepped between Akane and the wall. It exploded,

showering the group with dust and pebbles. As the air cleared, Akane noted the

flickering barrier surrounding them.

"Hello, Shampoo," began Ranma, her voice even and calm. "I'm glad to see you

have returned to Japan safely."

"Nihao, Airen! Shampoo come to take husband home."


Akane began to move forward. She felt a gentle hand grasp her shoulder. She

saw Tenchi nod toward Ranma.

"Shampoo, I cannot marry you. You have no regards for my feelings; you change,

often by choice, into something I can't stand the site of; and there is a blood

feud between your people and my grandfather."

"Shampoo no care about feud. Airen is Shampoo's by law. No let Airen take

false wife!"

Shampoo stepped forward, ignoring Akeya's barrier. The amazon crashed into it,

stunning her.

Ranma stepped forward, summoning her Juraian battle garb. She picked Shampoo

up by the neck, holding her against the remaining portions of the wall.

"This is your only warning, Shampoo: do not come after me, my family, or my

friends. You can NEVER be more than my friend. Go back to your village and

tell them the man and woman you pursued died before you could satisfy your


"I will not tolerate any more interference from you. As far as I'm concerned,

the Blood Feud is over."

Ranma released Shampoo. The Amazon fell to the ground. Through ragged

breaths, she asked, "Why?"

"Because I am nothing without Akane. She is my life and my love. If you wish

to remain my friend, I will be happy to help you whenever you need it. I may

even invite you to my wedding."

"But Airen love Shampoo. Why else he defeat Shampoo?"

Ranma stared at Shampoo before shaking her head. "The first time was because

you challenged me over a simple misunderstanding. The second time was because

you attacked Akane, the woman I love more than life."

"But Amazon law say..."

Ranma rubbed the bridge of her nose. Her battle garb faded away. "Shampoo,

your laws mean nothing to me. When I marry Akane, you will not interfere."

"But Arien no have two wives!"

Ayeka walked up to Ranma. "Ranma-sama, why are you wasting time with


"Because if I don't, she'll keep trying to marry me. It took me a year to

admit I love Akane. If I have to spend a another year convincing Shampoo to

leave us alone, I will."

"You could always have Ryoko stop her," offered Akane.

"As much as she deserves it, I can't see the need to do that."

"But it'd be so much fun," purred Ryoko as she floated over to Ranma and

Shampoo, energy crackling in her hands.

Shampoo stood up shakily. "Who you?"

Ryoko smiled, letting her energy flow around her. "I'm Habuki Ryoko, at your


Ranma shook her head. "Go home, Shampoo. Find someone who loves you, not some

one who defeated you in combat."

"Ranma love Shampoo! Why else he defeat Shampoo?"

"Are you related to Kunou?" Asked Tenchi.

Shampoo stared at Tenchi for several seconds. "Why you ask that?"

Tenchi shrugged. "Well, you act like he did when he tried to make a pass at

Ranma. From what he and Akane say, Kunou falls in love with any woman who can

defeat him in combat."

"He only crazy boy who should marry violent pervert girl."

Akane began to gather her anger in her hands. Ranma stopped her with a calm

look. Akane took a deep breath before speaking. "Do you love every man who

beats you in combat?"

"Is law."

"Would you love Ranma if he lost to someone?"

"Ranma always win."

"But I've lost to someone, Shampoo."

"Who? I avenge husband's defeat."

Ranma smirked, winking at Akane and Tenchi. "The man I've lost to is very

special to me. I owe him everything for helping me come to terms with myself,

and my life."

"Who defeat husband?" Growled Shampoo.

Ayeka and Ryoko were ready to destroy Shampoo. Only Ranma's relaxed state

prevented them from carrying out their plan, unless Shampoo made a move against


"The only person to consistently beat me is a member of my family. The Old

Ghoul can't touch him. In fact, I willingly follow his laws. I'd follow him

to the ends of time."

"Who is he?" screamed Shampoo.

"I am," replied Tenchi as he shifted his stance.

"DIE!" screamed Shampoo as she leapt for Tenchi.

Her senses exploded in pain as Ryoko's energy sphere engulfed her. When the

pirate dispersed the energy, an eternal heartbeat later, the Amazon collapsed

to the ground.

"I will not let you harm Tenchi, Ranma, or Akane," began Ryoko. "If you want

to fought someone, fight me."

"No, Ryoko!" Exclaimed Ranma.

"I owe you this, Ranma. In spades."

Ranma was about to say something, but stopped. She nodded slightly before

turning to Akane. "We'll see you at the dojo. D-don't be too long," replied

Ranma sadly.

Ryoko smiled as she built the energy in her hands. "The little kitten won't

hurt Ranma while I'm around."


The quartet stepped through the gates of the Tendou Dojo. "We're home!" called

Akane as they moved toward the house.

Ranma felt the change as the hot water expanded his body. He gasped for air as

the fabric of his uniform tightened around him.

"Damn it, Pop, let me prepare for our practice first!" gasped Ranma as Akane

loosened the ruined clothing.

"A true martial artist, even a Jusenkyo cursed one, must be prepared to fight

at all times!"

"Let. Me. Change. First," growled Ranma as he stood.

"You don't have time to change! You must always be..."

Genma paused as he saw Ranma shift into his battle suit. Akane took a step

back as she felt her fianc‚e's power warp the space around him.

"Can you take me on, Old Man?"

"RANMA!" Yelled Tenchi.

"Ranma glared at his cousin. "Stay out of this Tenchi. This idiot has to

learn there is more to life than martial arts."

"True, but is this the way to convince him?"

Ranma looked at his hands. He took a deep breath, clenching his fists. When

he released both, he battle suit disappeared. "Thanks, Tenchan. You're

sounding like Grandpa more everyday."

Tenchi chuckled, putting his hand behind his head. "Thanks, Ranchan. I


Everyone watched Ranma walk into the house in his ruined uniform. Genma shook

his head. "You disgrace me, Boy."

Ayeka walked by Genma, her nose in the air. "Why Nodoka married you, I'll

never know. Tenchi's father is better than you."

Genma stiffened at the mention of his brother-in-law.


Ranma stood in the middle of the dojo, moving his arms through a series of

complex gestures. With each movement, his tense face relaxed. He finished,

bowing to the central sign.

"Very good, Ranma," called Nodoka from the door.

Ranma smiled. "Thanks, Mom."

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"About what?"

Nodoka sighed. "Akane told me your father ambushed you with hot water after


Ranma clenched his fists. "Yeah. He ruined the uniform, not to mention nearly

suffocating me."

"Was this an example of his 'training?'"

"Hai. Has he always been like this?"

Nodoka motioned for her son to sit next to her. "I'm afraid so. When we were

married, he wanted me to give up my martial arts. I did, for a while. One

day, he caught me practicing with you happily strapped on my back."

Nodoka wiped the tear from her eye. "That was when Achika died. I-I felt her

passing away."

"How'd she die?"

"Something she killed years earlier injured her. Well, that's what Washuu-chan


"So she died from the injuries?"

"In a manner of speaking. When you were born, I had very little power. W-when

Achika died, I grew a good ten times stronger. When Genma saw my new powers,

he took you away, saying he would train you.

"I believed him, because I was scared. I made him promise me many things.

Unfortunately, seppuku was one of several I forced when my mind was not

accustomed to my powers.

"I'm sorry, Son. H-had I known you were 'Ranko,' I would have ended the lies

sooner. Talking with Father, I am pleased that I was a fool. You have become

a true man."

Ranma blushed. "Thanks, Mom. I never wanted to lie to you."

"I know, Son. Let's never allow a situation where we must lie to each other


Ranma hugged his mother. "I will do anything I can to keep from lying to you."


Ryoko walked into the house, just as Kasumi and Sasami were laying dinner on

the table. Her face had a strange look on it, a mix between sasitfaction and


"Ranma, with a little bit of luck, Shampoo has been dealt with. I think she

has gotten the message that you and the rest of us are off limits, and that she

cannot hope to fight us and win." With that statement she sat on one side of


"What did you do, Ryoko? Is she still alive?" Ranma asked with a grimace.

"Yes, Ranma, I wouldn't kill, or even serverly hurt her, not because she

doesn't deserve it, but because, you and Tenchi wouldn't like it. and nor would

I, now. I just scared her badly. She will recover from what I did quickly, at

least physically. Mentally, I don't know when she'll recover from the shock I

gave her." Ryouko stopped with a look of almost shame on her face.

Akane was about to ask Ryoko what she did, but the look on Ryoko's face

stopped her, and Kasumi just served her some food without saying a word.


A slightly burned kitty dragged herself though the doors of the Nekohaten. The

owner of record knew this cat and grabbed clothes and a kettle of hot water for

the cat. After pouring the water on the cat, and allowing the girl that

appeared in the cat's place, the old woman waited for the girl to dress before

asking a question. "Shampoo, how did this happen? And tell me the WHOLE

story. Period. I need to know."

The girl, still looking much worse for the wear, replied. "Hiba-chan, it

was the spiky-girl. After trying to get Shampoo's airen, she, in her own words

'Handled' me. She first moved around Shampoo without Shampoo seeing firing chi

blasts of some type that barley missed Shampoo. but still burned me a little.

Then she picked me up by the neck and tossed Shampoo around. Last but not

least, Spiky girl splash me, pick me up by sruff of neck, and fly very high,

then drop me, but before Shampoo can hit the ground, Spiky girl catch me and

say ' If you continue this. I will NOT catch you the next time. and a fall from

over a thousand feet WILL kill you. Period.' She leave me in tree and fly off."

Shampoo finished with a sigh, and then added. "I do not know what to do. Hiba-

chan, what Can Shampoo do?"

Cologne looked tired, and said, "I do not know, great-granddaughter. I

do not know. We could try to kill the girl that did this, but I don't think we

would succeed, and even with her dead, the others WOULD strike, and then kill

us. And maybe the village in reprisal. THIS is your Choice. you will lead the

Amazons soon, so decide."

Shampoo looked at her great grandmother for a while and didn't say



As the family ate, Nodoka looked at Washuu-chan and asked, "Do you mind

if we discuss something privately, Washuu-san?"

Washuu looked at Nodoka, and nodded her head. Ranma and Tenchi looked at

this and shrugged.

After the meal everyone went their separate ways, Ranma and Akane to the

Dojo, Nabiki to her room, and others scattered about the house. Nodoka and

Washuu walked to her lab's door and went in. Washuu hit a button, and stated,

"Now NO one will be able to hear us, or come in."

"Thank you Washuu-san, I do apperiacte this. What I wished to discuss,

is due to Genma's splashing water onto Ranma today, and Ranma was in pain due

to the change in forms, after all, the clothes that she wears does not fit him.

I was wondering if there was a way that you can come up with a deceive to at

least keep unwanted changes from happening?" Nodoka stopped and looked at


"Humm, Humm. Let me play with My new guinea pig, and I'll come up with

something, I'm sure." Washuu had a evil grin on her face as she stated this.

"Who is this, guinea pig, you are talking about?" Nodoka was puzzled.

"Ryouga, of course, he does need to learn that Ranma, and Akane are OFF

limits, not just because they love each other, but because of his actions

towards both of them." Washuu grinned, and added, "After I am done, he will NOT

be willing to come within 100 meters of ether. and that should be fit

punishment for his actions. Plus I don't want to experiment on Ranma, and

Genma, well I think you and Ranma would be unhappy if I did that."

"Washuu, you can experiment on Genma all you want as far as I am

concerned considering all his actions towards me, Ranma and others. Though I do

agree with you on Ryouga." Nodoka smiled, but not her usual nice smile.

Washuu returned the evil smile, and spoke "Good, Two guinea pigs will

make it easier, I'll go scoop the panda up and get to work."


Author's Notes(Andrew)

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offered. and now it's done.

Been fun adding a few scenes to this, and doing some small changes, but

the majority of this work, is Bryan's.

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