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Andrew Norris.



    "It's time, Snoopy."




    "Yes, Snoopy, your tale has come to an end, like ours.  But, you, like so many others, will live on in the hearts and minds

of those you have touched." The voice had a smile to it, and Snoopy opened his eyes to the impossibly bright light.


    Gathered around his doghouse were myths, legends, real people, and fictional ones as well. All had things in common... They had become larger than life... and would always live on. 


    There was Sherlock Homes, smoking his pipe, King Arthur a ways behind him.  Amelia Earhart was standing next to the Red Baron.  Other famous people had also appeared, all with a gentle smile on thier face.


    "Snoopy, it's time." The Red Baron smiled, and grasped Snoopy's paw.


    A bright light flared for one last time, and all was dim.  If a person was looking, he would have noticed all the Penunts cast had left, as if they had never been, yet, there were faint images... that refused to fade away.




Andrew Norris


In Memory of

Charles M. "Sparky" Schulz

Nov 25, 1922 - Feb 12, 2000


Dreamers die, but dreams are eternal.



Like so many other things that we wish didn't have to end, Charles Schulz has passed on, and ended Penunts.  I, like others, remember

growing up reading the series, and even before being able to read, having my mother tell me what they were saying.  As I grew older,

I stopped reading the series, but Snoopy always had a place in my heart.  Snoopy, Charley Brown, Lucy, Linus, and all the others will

live on in all our memoires and hearts.  It is strange, for I was expecting to read the series to my children, and there is a void now, because

I won't be able to.