Fan Fiction Ideas

Tentiave  name  ?

    What If Akane WAS not really attracted to guys, but she DID like girls (yes I do mean she is gay...) And when Ranma-chan first showed up at the Dojo, she decided that she WOULD go ahead and join the two families via Ranma-chan? After the relations of Ranma what would she do ?  In essence her attempt to make friends with Ranma-chan was more of a way to reassure Ranma-chan that she would not mind the connection between them.  This version of Akane is a wee bit more mature, and she will tell Ranma-kun and Genma the only way that she would go though with the engagement is if Ranma agreed to be female most of the time, for her... Fun Fun Fun... Two ways that this could go, Ranma agrees (remember, Ranma at this point is NOT feeling too secure in his manliness, and having Akane offer this might be the final straw to a battered psyche.)
    Idea Status, Currently DEAD.

(Note, one other author did do this, I'm just starting it from the beginning of the manga)

Star Mage possibilities

Ranma and Akane do uphold the engagement/wedding.
Ranma and Akane let it ride.
Ranma and Akane annul it as soon as possible.

    Idea Status Currlety least priory fiction

Akane 1/2?

Idea: What if Soun and Genma decide to have the Tendo's and Ranma meet BEFORE the Pools....
Akane falls in drowned man?
(note, just a thought.... This could help the relationship between the two out a LOT.)

Second Idea: what if Soun and Genma Meet BEFORE the first Manga meeting, and Soun drags Akane off to the pool of Drowned man BEFORE Ranma gets to the Tendo dojo.....

    Idea Update (And Prob. final.)
    Akane is splashed By the Nannichan at the wedding...
    Idea Status, still in idea stage, but NOT on the priority list

    Ranko's Mother.
    Nodoka comes from a Rich Family, and she, after a few visits, tells her mother About Ranko-chan, Mother decides to have Nodoka ADOPT Ranko-chan...
In Thinking stage... No Teaser Avb.
Idea Status, Current status Low Priority

    Akane's Wish (Tent. Title)
    Ranma disappears after a modeling shoot under a false Ranko Idea, Month later, Akane gets a wish, guess who grants it...
   In Progress as of 3/30/99

    About 2/3rds Done on Chapter One, but alas... school and finding a job for the summer had to have come first... Though I do have a title. Ah, My Ranko.
    This story is THIRD on the Pri. list.

    Good Day 2 No Need for Status Quo.
    Second Chapter of Bryan Neef's Good Day series... I will write a few scenes for it, and then it is done.


  • It is at Bryan's awaiting revision, and so, I put up a prereader's version.
  • 5/28/99
        Rana and the Gems
        heh, heh...
        Idea and prologue, plus chapter One and Two, and some side stories "plotted" out
        Basic core.
        Ranma and Akane become rock stars, and the band is also including Anio Minako from SM, Shodou Hiarku (From MKR)
        and Tendou Nabiki.
        Should be more humor based than the rest of the stuff
        Current Status NUMBER ONE on my list

    rewritten, and chapter one underway.


    Other Ideas

  • A Ranma1/2 BGC 2040 Fusion. (Unclear if I will do this, but a pic is on the fanart page.)

    More ideas, but I keep forgetting them… Sigh


    A Ranma/Sailor Moon Fusion, Ten. Title, Streams of Time.

    Ranma as Sailor Pluto.


    Currently Progoule is at the prereaders... Should be done this weekend.

  • Final Note:  These are ideas that are in my head... I have no idea when or IF I will write them....


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