Streams of Time Prologue.

A tale by Andrew Norris

This work is fanfiction, no intent to make profit is meant, and no infringement on any copyright is meant. Please don't sue me. All characters are owned by their respective right holders. Idea based off a idea for a project by Mike Koos. (Which came from a story written by Fire, Destiny's Child.) Currently, Only Mercury, Uranus/Neptune (Tell me you don't do those two as pairs?), Saturn, and Pluto have been nabbed, We're still looking for people willing to do, Venus, Moon, Mars, and Jupiter.

Thanks to my prereaders Kevin D. Hammel, Bryan Neef, Nightelf, William Dix, Mike Koos. Also thanks to KaraOhki and Richard Beaubird. Enjoy.


In a reigon of China.

25997 SMY (Silver Mill. Year.)

1997 AD

-1001 CTY (Crystal Tokyo Year.)


On a cliff overlooking a valley filled with springs a young woman chased a panda, which was fleeing for its life in fear of the fury that the young woman displayed.

"Come BACK here, Old man and face your pain with courage!" Screamed a sultry contralto voice, as the panda she was chasing barreled into someone, knocking that person off balance. Before the young woman could catch her prey, a portal opened, and she couldn't stop before falling into it.

"Wahhhh!!!!" * thump* *thump * "ite" was heard from the young woman in this place that was dimly lit, and made of crystal. In front of the woman, who was on her face, and beginning to pick herself up, was a slightly older woman, who looked the same as the younger, expect for the eyes. While the younger one had blue-gray, the older one had reddish ones. A second difference between the two were the clothes. The younger woman wore an ill-fitting karate gi, while the older one's outfit - a white sailor fuku with black skirt and trim - left little to the imagination.

"Sorry." The older woman spoke, in almost the same voice, but she didn't sound sorry, as she bent over helping the younger one up. "It was necessary to bring you here."

"Sorry??? Then put me back so I can go pound that fat fool!" the younger one screamed at her.

"I cannot, at least not yet. I brought you here to tell you some things... and you WILL listen." She stated, with a look of cool amusement.

"Oh, and YOU are going to make me?" the younger woman said scornfully.

"Yes. I am Sailor Pluto, Senshi of Time. And in your time, I am your past life." The reaction she received was, at least, expected.

"Really? I doubt that. I am a GUY! Not a girl. Even though I look like one. And I don't look ANYTHING like you!" the young woman said and hmphed, putting her nose up in the air.

"Really? Then look into this mirror." The Senshi said while pointing into a mirror.

The younger one looked, and gasped, for there were NO differences expect in the eyes between them. Long greenish black hair, dark skin, slim, and very beautiful, were what the young woman noted. The two women were of a exotic beauty, no question, but the younger could not see past her anger, to notice the beauty that she now held.

"You see?"

"But, But... that's due to the spring, it isn't ME. It can't be, It can't be ME..." sputtered the younger woman.

"Ranma, I don't have the time for this. YOU ARE me reborn, if you like it or not. Also you are MY replacement, for I will die shortly. I have only three things to show you, and three things to tell you. First, this is Charon Castle that we are on, Our palace, and where the Time gate is located. To get back here, just WILL a portal to open and it will appear." She stated, walking, not looking to see if Ranma followed her or not. Pointing at a table, with two items on it, she stated, "The staff is the Time staff, with it, you will be able to control your attack, and your time sense. The rod is your Henshin rod, and you know the code words to transform into Sailor Pluto, already." Opening a door, she waved at what was inside. "Third, and last. This is our Library, it has all the books in here that you will need to learn from. Learn fast, child, for your world will be doomed without an experienced Senshi of Time. " Leaning over and touching Ranma on the forehead, she said, "Now you will be stuck here for six months of your time. I suggest that you learn fast. Oh, by the way, the staff is needed to summon portals, and it will go with me, and only return six months later."

Ranma had shook when Pluto touched her forehead, feeling SOMETHING enter her brain and "turn" something on. Before she could recover, Pluto spoke for the last time, as she gathered her staff.

"You may not believe me now... but you will. You will. Good luck, Princess of Pluto, you'll need it. Oh, by the way, the four books on the table in the library list the funds and accounts, AND how to access them, that I have set up for you, under a name that you will find in them. LEARN fast." With that, and before Ranma could say anything, a gesture was made, and she left, though a portal that closed...


Genma-panda had stopped and walked back, knocking the unstable boy off the cliff into a pool... Not seeing his son-turned daughter anywhere, he thought that she might have gone back to the guide, especially considering the fact that she did not hold grudges, thank the kami.

Behind him, a portal opened. A young woman, dressed in the same fuku that was last seen on a older version of herself, and carrying a staff, stepped out. Looking around, she smiled. Her smile held satisfaction, and pleasure. Before the panda had turned around to note the outfit, or the smile, she was wearing the same outfit that she had worn before going though the portal.

"Pops? Let's go talk to the guide, I think he can find you a cure." She said, as the panda turned around at her voice. She smiled, recalling the year that she had spent locked in the castle... One thing that she had learned, by finally breaking down and reading the books, after two months of boredom, was that Jusenkyo curses would be disabled, until hit with cold water, with warm water of a certain temperature. Her "curse" if you could call it that... would only be disabled at a very hot temp. and the time sight would cause pain, if she spent too much time in male form. At least, those three months in the castle that she had spent not doing what her past life said, paid off in polishing her female side's fighting skills, and learning about female things. Once she started learning, she hadn't stopped for 9 months, and had practiced after the staff had returned... So to her, almost a year had passed.

She was still smiling as she walked towards the guide, wondering what her father would think about the changes she had undergone, Reading the journals of the past Pluto, The ONLY Pluto ever, was quite disturbing. But she understood, finally, what the goal was, and she, like her past life, was bound to it. Unlike the Inner Senshi, who were sworn to defend the Moon Princess, and the Outers who were sworn to defend the Solar System from attack from Beyond, she was sworn to the cause that even the Princess would give her life for. The Human race, being happy and secure in the future, That was HER duty, the protection of the Future, and of course, guarding the time gate.


As the three of them walked towards the village, Ranma shook her head, mildly wondering why she didn't warn her father about the waterfall. Since she wanted to be splashed in order to get back into female form, she didn't avoid it herself. Reading that Journal is beginning to affect me, she thought, and then grinned to herself, thinking that, plus I want to see him suffer. He lied about Mom being dead, and he did train me in the Neko-ken. Thank god there was that book about the Neko-ken in the library. I can now control it, at least.

She thought back to meeting her mother. Not trusting Genma a bit, nor believing him when he said that she was dead over a year ago, her time, made the decision to search for her, easy. It didn't take long to find her. Just a few hours with the records in Japan, and voila, her name, her address, and her status, were known to her. Finally meeting her, was enjoyable. She couldn't wait til Mother came to the Tendo's, and finally got her vengance on Genma.

Ranma shook her head clear of the images, and looked at her father making a beeline towards the feast on the table. She recalled the guide saying something about the village holding a tournament today, and when she looked at the sign, she could read that it said first prize. She cursed under her breath, "seeing" what could go wrong if she allowed her father to eat the prize.

Grabbing the panda before he could feed on the food, took all her strength, which was considerable for anyone, and she was seen holding back the panda from the food by the winner of the tournament who had just knocked her last opponent off the log.

"Hey you! What is your panda trying to do, eat my prize?" Shouted the champion as she strolled over.

Once again, a sense of déjà vu hit her as the time sense kicked in. She saw what would happen if she told the truth, and then and there decided to lie.

"Yes, he hasn't found any food, and he likes table food. I've made the mistake of spoiling him rotten when he was a cub. If you are willing, I could buy some of the food..." she replied to the Champion.

Unnoticed by both of them, a old lady narrowed her eyes, thinking, < My, what a strong mage. AND she's physically strong as well. Which is a rare combination for mages... If Shampoo agrees to sell her some of her prize, then she'll Probably leave, and I will have someone follow her. Maybe Shampoo, she does need to learn about the outside world. Heh, two birds with one stone. We must make sure that the mage is not a threat to us, and Shampoo must learn about the outside world. Good, this will work out quite well. Maybe we can even get the mage on OUR side.>

"Humm, how much are you willing to pay?" A gleam came to Shampoo's eyes, as she thought... Maybe I can get some real money, and since I have lots of food at home, having money to buy things that I want will be good. She gasped as the outsider woman tapped the panda's forehead, and then had three rubies of moderate size pop out in her hand. The panda's eyes widened, and the person inside wondered where they came from, and - more importantly - were there more?

"Will two of these cover half the prize? I still have a long journey before me, and I also am hungry. Since it is a long way to the next major city, some extra supplies would not hurt." She smiled' knowing that she had offered just about a year's wages in the two gems. While it was paying a ridiculous sum, the champion would accept, because she could spend the gems to get even more food than the whole table.

"I cannot accept two gems for the whole feast, much less half. One gem for half the food. Since it is traditional to share my feast with the other fighters, I must keep some of the food for that purpose, but I don't think any of the village would mind me selling some to a hungry woman and her pet." Shampoo grinned at her, and added, "Since we are doing business together, I would like to know your name, and country. I am Shan Pu of the Niichieju Amazons. And you?"

" I am Meioh Setsuna of Japan, a traveler learning the Martial arts. On her way home to finish school. I thank you. And I congratulate you on your victory today." She smiled.

"Well, I will even help you pack it... so our feast may begin." Shampoo smiled at this woman, who didn't quibble about anything. While Shampoo knew that SHE knew that she had overpaid severely for the food, part of the fee seemed to be a slight apology for messing up the celebration that came after the tournament.

Shampoo sighed as the woman and her pet left the area. She turned and watched as her great grandmother pogoed up to her.

"Shan Pu, after this feast, you are to follow her. You will track her, and report back any strange things you see. She has a great aura of magic about her, and I think she is a mage of some type. WE need to know if she is a threat to the village, or if she was just a traveler passing though. You were wise in not cheating her too badly. Getting her angry would be a bad thing, I think." Cologne paused and then added, "This is also a mission for you to learn about the outside world. You will return in one year. That will give enough time to learn if she is a threat or not."

"Great Grandmother, why? She's left, and the reason why she offered so much was a subtle way of saying sorry for Interfering with the feast." Shampoo was puzzled. While it was clear that the woman was strange, she didn't seem to be a danger.


Shampoo breathed easier; she, after a hunt lasting two days had finally found the strange woman and her pet. They could move fast when they wanted to, that was for sure, and since there were no real trails, except a few people that remembered her, it was more difficult to find them. She decided to listen in to the conversation that the woman was having with a stranger, and wondered where the panda was.

"Pops, let's stop here and discuss a few things. Since this is the first time that you have been human for more than five minutes I know you have questions that you wish answered, ne?" The woman smiled... and the smile reminded Shampoo of someone who knew more than she was telling, or even showing.

They walked into the restaurant, and Shampoo followed getting herself a table close to them. She hoped the she was not in their line of sight. She overheard a comment by the father, she assumed.

"Ranma, why did you give a false name? And WHERE did you get those gems??? Those could have been used for other things... " Shampoo blinked, the woman had given a false name, why?

"Pops, simple. Those are Amazons. If they knew my real name, and that we were martial artists, AND that I fell into the pools of sorrow, there was a chance that they would have sent a unmarried woman to fight me and LOSE to me. I don't want to get married quite yet, especially since you probably have made other arrangements for me, or am I wrong?" Shampoo blinked... marry a woman, unless... Spring of drowned GIRL? Was it possible?? She blinked, and heard the father's answer.

"Umm, err, well... How did you know those were Amazons? And how do you know that stuff? Plus WHERE did you get those Gems?" Shampoo blinked again, If the girl was really a guy, then perhaps the man was the panda? Could be. But if so, why didn't he know about the gems that the woman was carrying.

"Pops, how I knew about them, is, well, my secret, shall we say? I pay attention now, and I won't make the mistake of being unprepared again. How I do that is my business... As for the gems, why do you care? They are to be spent, and I have enough to get us home. And before you ask, no, you can't have them. I don't trust you. Pops. Time to go. We need to get out of this country before the tribe sends people to follow us." Unseen by the Amazon or the man was the girl's smile, a satisfied one, smiling like everything was on track.

"What? I thought that they would only do it if they knew you were a man..." Shampoo smiled, this boy turned woman was far smarter, and far better informed than she thought.

"Pops, some martial artist with a Panda as a pet TAMED. Wouldn't that catch the eye of a village of Amazons? Let's go." With that the two walked out, with the woman stopping by the cashier to leave some money. Shampoo started as they left... The person that Cologne wanted her to follow had lied about her gender, her name, her "panda", and hides things from her father, such as the fact that she was a mage and that she had gems, until she needed to show them. This had to be reported to the elders. Fast. She would send a letter. But was the person a threat or just someone who was, as she first thought, passing though? Time would tell.

The green haired young women noted the Amazon stepping out of the café, and smiled. This letter she would let get though. After all, she needed to set the stage for the person she would need to train the Outers to come, and this way Cologne's own heir would provide the bait. This worked out better than she thought it would. Now to make sure the letter said what SHE wanted it to say.


Late in the same night, Genma sat, thanking the kamis that at least with this strange curse his son had picked up, his bathing habits hadn't changed. While taking a bath, his son should not hear anything, since it sounded like he was taking a shower. Still, where those gems - or, for that matter, the yuan that she used for the food. He SAW that she had more than she had already spent on various things. While he knew his son would be done soon, he wanted to "safeguard" the money, and there would be more than enough for him to have a drink now, wouldn't there? His son was spending money on good rooms, and the best food. If Genma watched the money, they would live more frugally, all for the sake of the art, yes, and if that allowed him to have a few drinks now and again, that's the privilege of being a parent, no? But a total search of all his son's belongings hadn't shown anything, and since he was taking a bath, he was able to search ALL his clothes, and found nothing. Wait, better straighten up, don't want the boy, heh, to think I was looking though his stuff.

Ranma came out of the bathroom to see her father sitting on his bed, appearing to rest. She smiled into the towel, knowing just seconds before this, he was going nuts looking for certain things in her belongings, which he wouldn't find, due to her access to a subspace pocket. She knew that he would drink most of the funds that she had slated to getting them back to Japan. His maybe, not hers. Well, time to distract him. She needed some time to herself, to make SURE that the bait was set for her plan, regarding Cologne. She got dressed, making sure that Genma didn't see what she was wearing under her new Chinese shirt and pants.

"Pops, I know you've been too long without a drink; here's some money to have one." She tossed a few yuan notes without looking at them. He would assume that she didn't look at the note size, and he definitely wouldn't make any attempt to correct her error. He would be able to drink for hours with that amount. He grabbed the notes, with a strange look at her, and left. She smiled. Perfect. Now to go set up the cheese for a certain Elder.


As Genma staggered in after a long night of drinking, he went into the bathroom, and filled a glass with water. Coming out, he noted his son, sleeping in girl form again. Time to put the lad back to normal. After tossing the water on his son, Genma was amazed that his son hadn't changed back, but couldn't think of a reason why. Too tired to try again, he collapsed into his bed.

Ranma smiled to herself. Genma had kept splashing her with water, cold water kept finding her when she needed it, of course. Her smile widened somewhat thinking about her father's vain attemps to keep her male all the time. After all, she KNEW when he would try to splash her, and that she would get splashed with cold water shortly after, or as in tonight, she just made sure that the water he got was cold. Some things never changed. Genma only cared about himself, and what this curse could mean for his neck, not the effect it had on her. She wondered sometimes why she had to stick with him; unfortunately, her current physical age did not allow for much freedom, as she was quite young, younger, even, than her male form. Still, it was temping to show the fool what she really could do, but doing that was wrong. Tomorrow with his hangover, he wouldn't notice being led to the airport. Nor even getting on the plane back to Japan. Letting him drink all night had more than just covered what she just did. It set up her plans for tomorrow. She shivered; knowing that she had only done basic manipulations, for her plans, that would not be enough... She would have to remember NOT to get overconfident. While her plans so far seemed to go well, she could easily have them blow them up in her face. Still, time to sleep, It would ALL work out, as planned. Tomorrow would be a long day, and the day after, Genma would want to take her to meet her "Fiancé". After all his retirement plans depended on her getting married, and living off her sweat and her money, not caring what it would cost her, or others. She hoped she could live with the person "Father" had picked out for her, and that the person wouldn't hate her. She could use an aide, or a teacher of some things for her plans.

Shampoo cursed, as she saw the pair board the plane. She didn't know that they were going to Japan, but Cologne had made arrangements for her, just in case. Only thing to do was buy a ticket, and go. She walked up to the counter, and was told that it would take a day before a ticket would be ready for her. She sighed, and wrote a quick note to Cologne, saying that she was following the person to Japan.

Ranma sighed, her father had just gone back to sleep when the plane took off. At least with the way he felt, he wouldn't notice her leaving to make a call. Her mother was surprised to hear from her so soon, but she was happy to hear that Ranma and Genma were on the way back. Nodoka had confirmed that everything was on track, expect for some problems finding people. After dealing with that, she had a nice long talk with her mother. Somehow, she never thought that Nodoka would insist that while being Setsuna, she had to play the role of a "perfect" Japanese Lady. She knew that, of course, but she didn't think that her mother would have so much to say about it. Something that hadn't changed, it seemed. Pluto had written a comment about HER mother's thoughts about "proper" behavior, and it seemed that Nodoka was of the same mind.

Stepping out the airplane with her father in tow, she sighed. At least "Father" hadn't gotten splashed yet, and since their first stop would be the customs station, she expected no problems with him, until they got outside. Sighing, thinking about the upcoming meeting with the Tendos, she pondered a question that had been on her mind. Would she find a relationship like her fellow Senshi would? She didn't want to be alone, like her predecessor.


A young woman and her panda were walking down a Nerima street, after getting off the train. To most people's surprise would have been the conversation that they were holding.

"Well, old man. Where are we going today?" Ranma asked her father... who replied with a sign, after all he was a panda right now.

<To meet a old friend of mine.> signed the panda, who thought that he better not tell about the engagement. Who knows what Ranma would do if he found out?

"Oh, this old friend wouldn't happen to be named Tendo Soun, would he? And do you have some other reason for taking us there?" Ranma replied with a hidden smirk.

<No, NO I don't!> signed the panda, once again wondering how his son KNEW these things... Ever since he came out of that pool, he's gotten smart, and where does he find those things? Or find things out. Still, doesn't seem like he knows about the engagement, until we get there...

"He wouldn't happen to have children of marrying age, AND wants to marry them off, now would he? Dare I hope that one of them is female? Or since I fell in that pool, you are planning to marry me off to a GUY?" Ranma replied, thinking to herself about how much she loved pulling her father's chain.

<How did you?!?!!> He knows, thought the panda, adding to himself, At least he doesn't seem too upset about it. Damm pool. I never know what to expect now. <Well, last I talked to him, he did have three girls, and he did want to assure their future, and I agreed to it.> the sign read, while the panda added, mentally, Tell him now, he seems calm enough. <I said when you were 16 we would join the two houses though marriage. So let's get some hot water on you, and take you to meet your bride to be!> Panda-san looked at his son, who nodded, and pulled out a thermos full of hot water, which she poured on both of them.

"YEOW! Doesn't have to be THAT hot BOY!" Genma grumbled.

"For me, it does. Live with it." Ranma replied, adding, "Lets go meet these girls..." Behind them clouds rolled in, preparing to rain.