Streams of Time


      The sun broke over the horizon, illumining the Tendo dojo in it's

glory.  Four figures were already

up and about this morning, doing things, that for them, were routine. 

One figure was getting ready to go

out jogging.  Her elder sister was making breakfast, while the last two

figures were heading outside to spar,

as they always did to greet the dawn.




Streams of Time

Chapter Two.

School Time.



      "Ranma, Uncle Sataome! Breakfast is almost ready!" called the

sweet voice of the eldest Tendo daughter.  She had just returned from

waking up the last two members of her family, and getting the furo ready

for Akane, and Ranma so they could be ready for school, after their



      As the two figures, the Sataomes, came in, the panda dripping,

Kasumi handed the panda a kettle, and a towel, and spoke, "Please don't

drip on the floors.  Ranma, the furo's ready for you, so you can go to

school clean."


      Ranma, with a brief nod, walked up the stairs to the furo, to take

a quick soak, before breakfast, so she would be ready for school.


      Akane walked in, cooling off after her run around the area.  She

too was directed upstairs with a brief wave from Kasumi.


      *Now, if my thoughts about Akane are right, she'll want to see

more of Ranma's girl side, and I'll be safety out of the engagement.  IF

she can forget about the little fact that Ranma was born a male.* Kasumi

smiled, sure her plan would work.


      Akane opened the bathroom door, noting a set of clothing.  Curious

why her sister would not set out her school uniform, she proceeded to

ignore the sign, and entered. 


      Ranma sighed, realizing that Akane hadn't thought that Ranma would

be in the furo, yet again.  *I still don't think she believes that I was

born a guy.  Plus she doesn't think.  Why am I attracted to her?*


      "Oops, sorry Ranma.  I didn't know you were in." Akane apologized,

and added, "But since there is not much time before we have to eat, I'll

just go ahead and clean off and join you."  Smirking to herself, she

thought *Get to find out about her more ... maybe this way, she'll start

to look at me.  She is a girl, after all, and not a pervert boy.*


      "No matter, I was just getting out." Ranma was about to rise, and

leave, when Akane spoke.


      "Really Ranma, I know you weren't in for long.  I saw you sparring

with your father less than 5 minutes ago.  Stay in until you are nice

and warm." Akane smiled.


      *She doesn't get it, does she?  Or are the hints I'm getting

correct?  Maybe.* Ranma shrugged, and spoke, "I don't think it's right

for a boy and a girl to be soaking together.


      "You're not a boy, now, plus you do have to get used to it

sometime.  What were you going to do in PE? Not Shower?" Akane sniffed,

as to make a point.


      *She's right.  Well, that idea is out the window.  Plus somehow, I

don't think she sees me as male, unlike Kasumi.* Ranma sighed again, and

lowered herself back into the furo, soaking for a little bit more.


      Before long, both climbed out of the furo, dried off, and put

their clothing on.  Akane, who wore a white blouse under a jumper style

dress in a blue green pattern.  Ranma, or Sestuna for the school and

public wore a dark green blouse the colour of her hair, and black

slacks, with black slippers.  Akane's hair was in the style she had

copied from her older sister, with a bowtie at the bottom, while Ranma's

dark green hair was pony tailed at the base of her neck, tied with a

black ribbon.


      During the meal, Genma tried to snatch some food from Ranma's

plate, who was eating in a very fast, yet neat pattern.  Before Genma's

chopsticks could even near the plate, one of Ranma's chopsticks tapped a

point on the back of his hand, making the hand drop the chopsticks. 

Genma tried to take something off her plate once again, and once again,

dropped his chopsticks.


      Akane watched this pattern for a few times, then asked Ranma a

question. "What IS your father trying to do?"  She was puzzled by the

actions, and the reaction from Ranma.  "Also what are you doing to him,

that causes him to drop his chopsticks?"


      Ranma, who had finished her meal, and was sipping a cup of tea,

answered.  "Well, Father tries to make anything into training.  At

mealtimes, we 'spar' over food.  Helps to increase hand speed, and

improve skills at reading actions.  As for what I was doing, I was

hitting a pressure point in the hand that causes a muscle spasm, causing

Father to drop his chopsticks.  Which, allows me to keep eating my food,

without him taking it."  She shrugged, and smiled.  "Still, in a way,

good practice now, for using a weapon of some sort to increase my reach,

and to control my accuracy with them."


      Genma signed to his child.  <Are you STILL going to school as a



      "We've discussed this before.  As my curse makes it impractical to

stay a male, it's safer that way.  Plus this way, people won't suspect

that I am cursed.  Therefore not being a 'freak'" Ranma shook her head,

adding.  "It is, after all, your fault.  If you hadn't decided to drag

me to Jusekyo..."


      Genma paled, and signed again.  <I don't like it, but you have a

point.  Why are you going to wear

those shoes?>


      "For the challenge, and balance practice, of course!" Ranma smirked

at her father, thinking to herself *Plus girls do wear them, and I do

have to dress in a feminine style for certain things.*


      "Ack, we'll be late!" Akane jumped up, grabbing Ranma's hand as

she set down her teacup, and started charging out the door, stopping only

to collect their shoes, and schoolbags, with their bento's inside.




      A few blocks away, Akane was walking on the sidewalk, looking at

Setsuna, as she asked to be called in public, walk on the fence. 

Curious as to why she did that, she asked Setsuna the question that had

been nagging at her since the start of the walk.  "Ran-Setsuna.  Why are

you doing that?"


      "Walking along the fence? Well, more of Father's ideas... Make

everything you do into training.  This helps balance, and with me

wearing these shoes, makes it a little bit more difficult."  Ranma

shrugged, adding, "If you weren't wearing a skirt, you too should be

doing this.  Would make you a better martial

artist.  One thing Fence walking does do is help you get used to being in

the air, a lot.  Good practice if you are a artist who does a lot of mid

air fighting."


      Akane paused, thinking to herself, * That is a good point, maybe I

should start doing it soon too.*  A second question occurred to her, as

little as she liked it.  Perhaps Setsuna would be willing.  "Errr...  I,

um, " Akane paused, digging a toe into the ground.


      "Yes?" Setsuna asked, puzzled by Akane's hesitancy, she hadn't

picked up anything from Akane to explain this behavior.  "I promise not

to laugh or get angry at any question you might ask." Ranma added,

hoping that was the reason for Akane's hesitancy.


      "wouldyoutrainme?" Akane blushed, and ducked her head.


      Setsuna paused, wondering for a second what Akane had said, but

figuring it out, in less than two seconds.  "Akane, you would like me to

train you?"


      "yes" Akane replied, afraid that Setsuna would say no.  *I hate

this! She's better than me, and I don't want to ask her to train me, but

... Daddy's not been training me for years, and I could use the help...

damm it.  Why did she have to be better than me?* Akane began to get

angry.  This person had EVERYTHING it seemed.  Style, looks, skill in

the ONE area Akane wanted to be the best in, and brains.  *She's going

to laugh at me, I know it!* Akane added to herself, getting angrier and



      "It would be my pleasure to help a friend improve in the Art.  All

you need is some training in the advanced areas of our Art, you seem to

have the basics down, cold." Setsuna replied in a warm voice, completely

derailing Akane's anger.


      *She didn't laugh at me?  she's WILLING to help me?  She's NOT

making fun of me?* Akane was relived.  "Thank you, Setsuna." Akane

paused looking at her watch.  "Oh, NO! We gotta HURRY!" Akane took off

running towards the school. 


      Setsuna shrugged, hopped off the fence and went chasing after



      Before the pair could reach the gates, Setsuna heard Akane chant,

"I hate boys. I HATE BOYS."  She blinked, wondering what brought this

on.  Before she could ask the question, she saw a number of boys, some

with various sports instruments at the wait.  She blinked, coming to a

complete stop, wondering what the hell was going on.


      "Date with me, Akane!"  "Love knock-out punch!" and other cries

were heard, from her position, as Akane tore into the horde of boys. 

*What?!  Fighting to DATE with her?!* As Setsuna watched, walking

closer, some boys noted her, and instead of attacking Akane, came after



      Setsuna paused.  *I saw it.  I watched the gate.  But that's only

probabilities, not absolutes... and I could not believe that anyone

could be that stupid...  I could NOT believe ANYONE would fight someone

to get a date... *  She smiled.  It was not a pretty smile.  It was a

smile promising pain, suffering, and things that weren't lasting but

they felt like they would be.  "Been a while since I got to act like a

guy," she murmured under her breath.  "Destiny or not, it's nice to have

it come by."  Then louder, "Okay.  That's just fine.  I'm Setsuna Meiou

of the Saotome School of Anything goes, and I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE!"


       One person paused in the rush.  "Hay, those surnames don't

match..."  As he puzzled it out, his confusion spared him.  That time.


      Akane had defeated her last challenger, and wondered why there were

so few of them. She saw the reason.  A green blur surrounded by the horde

that DIDN'T attack her this morning.  As the last boy dropped, and the

one who paused, backed away, being VERY careful not to trigger a attack,

Akane stared at Setsuna.  She had put down the same number of boys that

Akane did, in less time, and made it look graceful, while she did it. 

As if it was nothing to her.


      Setsuna blew out a breath.  "Easy. They were little challenge. Not

even WORTH the effort to squash."  Before Akane or her could react, a

rose flew towards Akane, who grabbed it out of the air.


      "Truly, such a boorish lot. Evidently each of them intends to ask

you out, Akane.  On the dawn that he FINALLY defeats you."  The boy who

spoke those words, was dressed in a samurai's outfit from the past, and

was sniffing a second rose.


      "Akane, what the HELL is this all about?!" Setsuna walked up to

her finacee, wondering WHAT was going on.


      "Well, this BAKA, here, decided that I can't date anyone who

hasn't defeated me in battle first.  This has been going on for day

after day..." Akane stopped, madder than hell.


      "Humm, how dishonorable." Setsuna paused, turned to the boy, and

asked, " Have you ever defeated her in battle?"


      "Alas, no. She is a fierce tigress." Kuno paused, but before he

could add more, Setsuna broke in.


      "Well, I am part of her school of arts, and her superior in skill,

I think this has gone on, LONG enough, thank you." She paused for a

second, wondering if she should get her staff...


      "And YOU are?" Before Setsuna could respond, he spoke again. "No,

It is the custom to give one's name first.  Fine then.  Mine I shall

give."  With a dramatic pose, he rattled off his introduction speech. 

"Upperclassman Kuno, Junior, Group E.  Captain of the Kendo club. 

Undefeated new star of the high school Kendo world.  But my peers call me... 'The Blue Thunder of Furinkan high!'" With that, a rumble of thunder struck.


      "Fine.  I am Meioh Setsuna, Heir to the Satome school of Anything

Goes, and staying at the Tendo Dojo." Setsuna paused, seeing what affect

that had on him...


      "Ah, a sister school to my Fair Akane's school of the Art.  Why

are you interfering with a matter of honor?!" Kuno paused arrogantly

wondering what she would say.


      Setsuna smiled, a cold smile indeed... "Honor, you say.  Where is

the honor in attacking a single warrior, for a prize that is NOT yours

to give?"  She walked up, tossing her briefcase to Akane.  "This will

end, here and now.  I will take this duel up. And when I defeat you, it

shall END."  Her smile struck fear in some of the watchers.


      *What beauty, what fire she has.  Her willingness to duel for her

sister in the art...*  Kuno paused.  "Yes, if you shall defeat me, I

shall GLADLY date thee."


      Setsuna paused for a second, wondering WHY didn't she see this,

and allowed Kuno to have the first attack.  She flipped over it, landing

on her feet, once again.  "Date YOU?  Highly unlikely.  You have nothing

I want, much less any Honor, child."


      "What?!  You Lie, you must be under some sorcerer's spell.  For I sense magic about thee."


      Setsuna pasued, wondering what he sensed.  While it was HARD to see the links that Senshi had to their powers, in cilvian mode, it wasn't impossible.  Oh, the pool's effects on her aura.  That must be it, Setsuna thought, blinking out of her internal loop in engough time to jump away from Kuno's next attack.


      Kuno attacked again, hitting the wall and cutting a chunk of it out. 

Setsuna landed from her jump behind him, really wondering why she didn't

see this coming.  Kuno swung around, and looked at her on the tree



      *Magic?  Kuno senses magic around her?  Oh, the CURSE.  Wow, he isn't the total fool I thought he was... This could be useful.* Nabiki thought to herself.


      "You will date with me, when I bring you low, to break the spells on

you." Kuno's slice, missed her, and cut the tree she WAS standing on,



"Hold ON, here, boy!" Setsuna proceeded to get up close and personal, as

she added, " I am under NO spells, and you, disgust me."


Kuno swung again, and she leaped.  Kuno looked up and saw her fingers

streaking towards his forehead.  This was the last he saw.


      "Hmm... odd.  He holds back against Akane, but not me.  Apparently

he can judge skill well.  And... this could be... (looks off into

nothing for a second) Oh, JOY.  Obsessive type.  This SUCKS.  He'll

NEVER quit."  Setsuna shook her head, and before Akane could say

anything, the bell rang. "Oh, DAMM. We're LATE." With that both ran into

the building.



      "Humm..." Kuno, who had changed into a school uniform, held up his

hair, inspecting what Setsuna's finger had done...


      "Amazing.  And you don't remember even being touched?"  Nabiki



      "Humph.  And here I had thought that Meioh Setsuna was skilled." He

paused, getting annoyed.  "But, unlike other members of her fair gender,

she cannot spell."  He went to the blackboard, and with chalk in hand,

proceeded to mangle the kanji that he thought Setsuna meant.


      Nabiki blinked.  "It's not misspelled, Kuno-chan, in fact, I don't

think I have ever seen better calligraphy."


      "I hate you." Kuno sneered at Nabiki


      "I'm sooo glad, Kuno-chan."



      "It's all your fault." Akane glared sideways at the green haired

girl, also holding buckets of water.


      "My Fault?!  It was due to KUNO, starting this whole thing.  Not

me." Setsuna, opening her eyes from the meditative pose she had, turned

her head to return Akane's glare.


      "Yes, but EVERY morning, I finish MY fights before school starts!"





      "WHAT?!  Finacee?!  How DARE two flowers of womanhood be forced to

join in the most holy bounds between Man and Woman!" Kuno stood up,

shocked beyond belief.


      "Uh-uh.  Our fathers decided.  Wonder who they are going to make

be the man on the family registrar." Nabiki smirked.


      "Never! I will NOT allow such a insult to the will of the gods

happen!!!  These flowers of womanhood were MEANT for a male!" Kuno rose,

striking a pose.  Which was ruined by the eraser bouncing off his head.


      "Kuno, buckets, hall, NOW!" The teacher sighed.



      "Every morning, then?  That is, disturbing." Setsuna sighed,

wondering WHAT made people do the things they do.


      "Yeah.  And for some reason, I always win.  Today is the most I've

seen Kuno fight." Akane sighed, knowing that if Kuno had gone to that

level, she would have lost.


      "Humm, it's possible that he held back, because he really didn't

want to hurt you, and misjudged the amount he would have to hold back. 

That would explain why he went to the level he did with me.  He seems to

be able to judge skill, quite well." Sestuna sighed, knowing she had set

herself up for more headaches.  She didn't see when Kuno would make his

next move.


      "Well, you did notice the bruise he left." Akane smirked, Setsuna

thought she was so good in the arts, and it was nice to see her brought

down a peg.


      "Yes, from pressure alone.  Most impressive.  It was a good thing,

I believe, that I was able to take him down before he could connect."

Setsuna shook her head again. HOW could have the boy gotten that lucky? 

Her time sense really wasn't for minor things, and this helped to bring

it home to her.


      "Holding BACK?!" Akane turned to her, stunned.  "You're implying

that he is BETTER than me?" Akane seethed.  She wasn't sure WHO to be

angry at, Setsuna for suggesting that Kuno could beat her, or Kuno for

holding back.


      "Well, some men will hold back when fighting a woman, who they

think is their equal or inferior in the art.  I hold back as much as

possible, against ANYONE, so if I have to combat them again, I will have

something up my sleeve."

Setsuna shrugged, thinking that Akane was too easy to grow angry.


      "How DARE he! He challenged ME! And he holds BACK?!"  Akane had

decided to be angry at Kuno for now.  "That's an INSULT.  I'm a martial

artist!"  Before Akane could get deeper into her rant, Setsuna, tired of

listening to her anger broke in.


      "He's a fool, Akane-chan. He's so wrapped up in what he thinks is

samurai honor, that he really doesn't SEE the insult that he is doing

you." Before Setsuna could add to her statement, a voice echoed down the



      "I FORBID this travesty!" Kuno had changed back into his Kendo

outfit, and was running towards them, full tilt.


      Setsuna blinked, wondering what he was talking about.  "Forbid



      "Your marriage, fair green flower! TO the vital Akane!" Kuno



      "Err..." Setsuna thought on how to derail this before it out of



      "Married?" "I KNEW Akane was like that!" "Nooo... both of the

prettiest girls in school?!" Were the comments from the various

classmates who stuck their heads out the classroom windows.


      "No, it was our father's idea, we're not THAT way..." Akane tried

to protest.


      "Err... umm, it wasn't my idea for the engagement to happen..."

Setsuna stated, right before she was soaked with water.


      "I have heard spells are broken with water!" Kuno proclaimed.


      *WHY didn't I see that! Arggh! WHAT IS IT with this fool?!  Is his

insanity a shield against my Sight?!* Setsuna paused, dripping.


      "Kuno." Setsuna turned to the swordsman, and in a tone colder than

ice, stated. "Go. Now. I will meet you in the school sports field at the

end of class, for one last duel."


      "I will beat you, and when I win I will date with thee! Breaking

the spell that a vile sorcerer has put upon thee!" Kuno proclaimed,

walking away.


      Setsuna paused, reflecting again on Kuno's behavior.  Shortly, the

teacher called the class to order, and allowed the two late students to






      Setsuna sighed. Lunch was a disaster.  Everyone kept hounding her

and Akane pressing for details on the engagement.  Boys hoping it was

false, and girls curious to know if Akane and Setsuna were 'that' way... 

She shook her head, wondering about these teenagers, didn't they have

anything better to do?


      Softy, to herself, she muttered, "Of course not.  They are normal

children, not cursed, by a pool, or fate, or a oath that transcends

time.  Unlike me.  To top off this lovely day, the coach said, that I

could NOT join the others on the diamond until I got a 'proper' PE

uniform.  Lovely." Her attention was caught by a crack, and she saw a

incoming softball from Akane's bat.


      Setsuna stared at the incoming ball.  *I... i can dodge.  I can

duck. I can do so manything--*




      *But I HAD to think about HOW to dodge that softball.  Why is

sports equipment destined?  BAH!*  Setsuna rubbed her cheek...


      "Setsuna!" Akane hurried over.  "I'm sorry, so sorry.  But, why

didn't you dodge it?" Akane was puzzled, Setsuna should have easily

dodged the ball.


      "Err... I had things on my mind..." Setsuna stated, embarrassed.




      Akane sighed, wondering again why Setsuna just didn't blow off

this challenge and go home.  Most of the school had stayed to see this



      Kuno walked up, dressed as always, in his Kendo gear, but

carrying a sheathed katana, instead of his usual bokken. 


      "With this sword of steel, I will break ANY spell binding the

fair flowers to this sham of an engagement!" Kuno proclaimed.


      Akane started, stunned.  She didn't know where Kuno got his ideas

from, but this one scared her. She hoped that Setsuna WOULDN'T show...


      A Cloaked figure walked up to the field.  In one hand the figure

had a staff of wood.


      Akane sighed, Setsuna had told her that she was going to go get

ready for this, and apparently the green haired woman decided that Kuno

was too good to take without a weapon.


      "Hold! Who are YOU?!" Kuno asked with a sneer in his voice.


      A tanned hand reached to the cloak's clasp and released it.  "As

you see, Kuno, I came for the duel." Setsuna was wearing an Chinese

tang, and trousers, all in black, and had a cold smile on her face. 

Her eyes, had a glint in them, that troubled any who looked into them.

The eyes, with the slight reddish tint over the blue, had a look that

seemed to suggest, that this person had seen, or perhaps even done,

things that would terrify most people.


      Kuno, not seeming to notice the glint in her eyes, spoke, in a

light conceding tone.  "Ahh, I see you have honor, unlike the cowardly

dogs who would enspell you to marry a member of your own gender.  When

I win, you shall renounce the engagement, and date me."


      "One question before I state MY terms, when you fall.  Why did

you bring live steel?  I'm mildly curious." Setsuna gestured with her



      "No spell shall stand versus Iron, dear Flower!  With this, I

shall win, and break the spells upon you.  I even had it blessed by a

priest.  This blade, the blade of my ancestors, shall free you from the

spells you are under and the cruel joke of an engagement.  For as all

Samurai know, the sword is the queen of battle." Kuno drew his sword,

assuming a ready position.


      "Ahh. I see.  Well, before we begin, let me state MY terms, when

I win.

One. The morning fights will be stopped.  For good.  Two. You shall NOT

challenge me again, nor Tendo Akane for anything.  Three, you will

cease your efforts to break the engagement.  While I am not fond of it,

it IS a matter of family honor, and until I can convince the fathers to

change it, it is duty.  Understood?" Setsuna stopped, and waited for

Kuno's reply.


      "I hear your terms, but I fear them not, for the Gods are with me

today.  I am the Blue Thunder of Fukirkan High and the chosen of the

Gods to correct the evil that you are trapped in.  Let us duel!" Kuno

reset himself, blade at the ready.


      "Agreed, Nabiki, if you would call the start?" Setsuna's staff

pointed at the named Tendo sister.


      Nabiki blinked, called out, "In a second."  Turning to the crowd,

she spoke, "All bets are closed."  Nabiki walked out and asked, raising

her hand as she did so, "Are you ready?"


      "Hai." Setsuna answered, gripping her staff in a light two handed



      "Hai!  I am ready to claim my victory!" Kuno proclaimed.


      Nabiki shook her head, wondering how this insanity got this far out of hand.  "Begin!"  With that

she dropped her hand.


      Kuno struck first, attempting to knock Setsuna out with the flat of his blade.  However, Setsuna

moved to block it, and pressed the attack herself.  Kuno parried, and tried to break though her guard, but

she twisted around, bringing her staff to hit his hands, knocking the blade out of them.  Before Kuno could

move to reclaim his blade, she used her staff to trip him onto his back, and press her staff's tip into his



      "Kuno, you should have remembered the rest of the quotation about the sword.  While the sword is

QUEEN of battle, the STAFF is King." Setsuna's cold smile, which hadn't left her face, seemed to grow. 

"Do you accept defeat?"


      "How can I, leaving you and Akane trapped, in the foul... ACK" Kuno tried to protest, but Setsuna

leaned on her staff, cutting off his air.


      "Do you accept defeat?" She asked again in the same cold tone.


      Kuno, unable to speak, nodded.  He finally noticed the glint in her eyes.  THIS was the warrior

maid he had so longed for, but he was now unable to use the sword to win her to his side...  *There MUST

be a way to have her renounce the dishonorable engagement!  She MUST be at my side!*


      "Good, If you have ANY honor within you, abide by the terms.  Otherwise, I won't be so... merciful." With that, Setsuna removed her staff, and walked away, stopping only to gather her cloak.


      Kuno watched with a stunned expression, unable to even move, as she left.




      Nabiki sighed again, wondering where Setsuna had disappeared to.  She had more notes now in her folder, but they made as little sense as the rest did.  She went from her room to see if Akane had noticed that look in her eyes.  Nabiki knew the look, she had seen it on a old man's face once.  The man had lived though the horrors of the Second world war, and his eyes spoke of those days.  Setsuna had the same look, but slightly different in her eyes.  As if she had seen the future, and it was worse than the past.  Also, she got a edgy feeling around Setsuna.  The fact that Kuno did seem to detect the curse, didn't sit well with her, for it was poniteal proof that Magic was more than just a myth, or curses.


      "Akane, where is Setsuna?" Nabiki asked her sister, as she stepped downstairs.


      "She said she had some business to take care of.  Don't know where she is." Akane shrugged.  Now maybe the fights would end.


      "What did you think of the fight?" Nabiki asked, shivering, as she recalled the look that Setsuna had.


      "It was GREAT! Setsuna really beat him.  I just hope that he abides by the terms." Akane smiled, hoping that Kuno would have some honor.


      *Smiling?!* Nabiki looked at her sister, wondering if she HAD seen the look.  "Umm, Akane, did you notice anything different about Setsuna?" Nabiki asked, hoping that Akane did.


      "No, I wondered about the outfit, but she was apparently trying to scare Kuno.  Hope it worked." Akane walked out, heading towards the dojo.


      *I think it did.  Those eyes scared ME.  But, dear little sister missed them.  And she must not be taking Setsuna's statement at the end seriously.  One question.  HOW did she know that she would need a staff?* Nabiki pondered, deciding to ask Setsuna when she returned.




      A woman in a seifuku, of black and white stood over a 13 year old girl's home, and sighed.


      "Poor child, all you want this lifetime is to be a bride, and have a normal life.  But, that is not your fate, at least the normal life." Setsuna said softly.


      "Soon, Luna will arrive awakening you to your true nature, and all hopes for a normal life will be gone.  Enjoy these moments, my Queen.  Treasue them, for they will be your shield, and your armor in the dark days to come." With that, Sailor Pluto gestured, teleporting away.


(End, 4/01/00)


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