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Hello, and Welcome to my Web page. This is my site, which I am placing on the web to host my fanfics and also a few other things I am interested in.

Deployed 12/1/98
Last Update 07/11/06:Added Balance of Force 0 final, Balance of Force 1 beta, Balance of Force 2 in progress
Updates before that:

For what was updated, click here.

Currently between schools, but will be restarting school in California in the Fall of 2001. And, yes, I still have no life.

My interests are School, Anime, Cyberpunk and a few other small things such as David Weber.

To see a picture of me, click HERE.

My FanFiction

(currently only Ranma 1/2 but, I do hope to post a currently on-hold Sailor Moon FanFiction, that I am working on.)

Links that you just might want to check out.

If you need to email me, click here

Note if you are emailing me to scream about how bad of a writer I am… well I do have an attack cabbit waiting for you…



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