Links that you Might want to go see

Kevin's Home Page. Great Guy, he is my co-author on my first Ramma 1/2 fan fiction

Anime Web Turnpike If you want to find it and it is Anime related LOOK here.

Byron Neef's Page Great writer, He explores Ramma staying in Cursed form.

Titleist Productions Fanartist and writer, and a friend also… Did the fanart on the fanart page.

Fragle Clay: a MUST read series. And by a friend.

NightElf's Elysium. A great site, with lots of great fanfics... Reason to go is simple.

KaraOhki's Library. Great Place to stay, if you are in need of serious WAFF. (Which I usually am.)

Ranma FanFic Archive Mirror Most Fanfics make their way here sooner or later.

D. F. Roeder's page If you like Humor Based fics, GO HERE. No question.

Shadow Lurker ProductionsHome of one of the GREATEST Fanfictions for Ranma. (And quite possibly one of the few Ranma based one to quaify for the term ULTRACROSSOVER.)

Lines of Desinty A GREAT Sailor Moon/Ranma crossover... Phoenix does it right, and he is the best in this field.

Sofaspud's CouchHome of the fic "Girl Days"; nuff said.

FanArtist, Fanfiction Writer, and the man who came up with the Ranma Sailor Project... what a demeted mind... GOTTA read him.

John Biles: READ this man's stories... Children of Fire is a amusing Ranma/Sailor Moon fusion... it just might be the winner of the 1999 Pluto award for most abuse of the Timeline.

Mizuno Productions Fellow member of the Ranma Sailor Project... and a GREAT (though slow) writer.

Jack Staik's Page Man at times is the most demeted writer on the FFML, but man, is he GOOD!

Bjorn Christianson: writes good fanfics, plus he made this webpage. I worship him as a God. [Andrew insisted I put this here. Really -- BC.]

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